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The best partnerships create value

If you add 1 to 1 to make 2, then you haven’t created value. The way to add value is

Inside = outside

What you present to the outside world must be what is on the inside. If you are a low-cost retailer

Don’t get upset with your horse if it can’t climb a tree

If your company mission is to climb a tree, you can either train a horse or hire a squirrel. Maybe

It starts with your time horizon

Thing long term. Not years and decades. Centuries. Stop thinking about tomorrow. Start thinking about the next millennium. It’s naive,

Unexpected difficulties are the secret to success

Expected difficulties can be planned for. Which means anyone can deal with them, provided they’ve planned. Which means you will

Trust in what you love

If you love doing something, you’ll be good at it. If you’re good at it, you’ll succeed. Just keep doing

Every pro was first an amateur

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to start as an amateur. There’s no school, no university, no

Sometimes all you can do is pray

If you’re an entrepreneur your instinct is action. To control, to influence, to move the ball forward. But sometimes there

Stay in the light

Don’t let your imagination stray the dark side. All the bad things that can can. That way lies fear. Fear