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You need a goal if you want to know where you’re going

Before you decide where you’re going, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve. What’s your purpose? Money? Save

The only way to clear a field is to start a fire

Fire cleans out the weeds and the dead stuff. It creates space for small trees and germinates seeds. Fire is

The best response to failure is optimism

The alternative is realism or pessimism. The best realism can do is keep you where you are. Pessimism takes you

Love the place you are and the people you’re with

It’s no good hating where you have to work, and the people you have to work with. That just makes

True freedom is being able to choose who you spend your time with

Most people never attain this. That’s because most people need money. Either a salary, or a commission, or a customer,

The IKEA effect

You place higher value on things you partially create yourself. If you want your staff or customers to value your

Act when the Universe is open. Rest when it’s closed

Sometimes things are easy. The dice rolls your way. Serendipity is everywhere and luck is on your side. That’s the

Watch out for self-serving bias

Your failures are situational but your successes are your responsibility. You made money because you worked hard but you lost

Listen to the universe

It’s talking to you. When you can’t hear it, it’s not that it’s suddenly gone quiet. It’s that you don’t