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Smartphones are like US cars in the 70’s

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • April 2, 2014


Every time I reopen an app it refreshes. Every minute brings another push notification. Every software update is over 1GB.


It’s like the designers of smartphones live in a land where data is uncapped and free for all.


Oh wait, they do. Which is why there is complete disregard for data efficiency.


I guess it’s like the US car industry in the 70’s.  The car manufacturers produced big gas-guzzlers confident that oil prices would stay low forever.


Then BOOM! The world changed, oil prices rose, and GM and Ford went into bankruptcy because no one wanted their cars anymore. Nowadays you can’t buy a car without being bombarded by information on how eco-friendly, green and fuel-efficient it is.


Bandwidth is like oil. It costs money. Prices have been artificially low for the past decade, but when the market corrects then the gas-guzzlers will be left high and dry.


Any fool can make an awesome phone that relies on uncapped free data. When the tide goes out the fools are exposed.


The future of smartphones is about combining performance with bandwidth efficiency.