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Entrepreneurs choose sides

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • December 2, 2015

entrepreneur line-in-the-sand


Some people are always sitting on the fence. Always keeping their options open.


Generally, this is a winning strategy. Choosing sides means making enemies, and business is hard enough without having enemies trying to stop you.


If you’re lucky you can go through life without making a call. You can perch atop the post and play the role of neutral referee.


Soldiers from both sides of the battle will come to your birthday parties and you can pride yourself on being above the fray.


But there are certain moments when you have to choose sides.


Like when your brother or sister gets divorced. Or when your friend is man-down. Or when your mentor is attacked by the media.


Its at these times that you need to choose a side of the line. Entrepreneurs choose sides. Not only for their own conscience, but because they know people are watching.


Entrepreneurs know there may come a day when they’re in the fire. And when that day comes people will remember where they stood.