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13 ways ego will kill your startup

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • February 26, 2017

Your ego will kill your startup if you let it.

  1. It won’t let you take risks.
  2. It won’t let you ask for help.
  3. It won’t let you admit failure.
  4. It won’t let you drink Ricoffy.
  5. It won’t let you be a salesman.
  6. It won’t let you hire better people.
  7. It won’t let you have a plain office.
  8. It won’t let you get your hands dirty.
  9. It won’t let you book your own flights.
  10. It won’t let you admit your weaknesses.
  11. It won’t let you de-personalize criticism.
  12. It won’t let you give credit to other people.
  13. It won’t let you confront uncomfortable truths.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of facing the truth, doing the right thing, making the hard call.

Beware the ego. Always think twice before doing anything that feeds the ego.

Fancy offices. Sycophant employees. Expensive cars. Press coverage.

Will it help your business? Will it help you make a profit? Will it help you win?

If not, don’t do it. Your ego is trying to trick you into feeding it.

If you feed your ego, you’ll fail.