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Sometimes you have to let go

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • December 2, 2019

The eagle is a king of the sky. It has a sharp vision and very calculative.

It calculates the distance between it and the prey (moving or stationary ) and catches without fail.

It never gives up.

However, the eagle’s relentlessness is a blessing and a curse because it won’t let go of the prey even to its own detriment.

A certain young photographer one day saw an eagle soaring in the sky.

It dived down to catch prey and then it went up again. Then the next moment it tumbled down again in what looked more a fall than a dive.

The photographer ran towards where it fell only to find the majestic bird dead. On proper examination he noticed that the eagle died holding on to the weasel.

The claws and teeth marks of the weasel were clearly visible on the eagle. These animals they secrete poison with their claws and teeth when attacked by predators.

The weasel tenaciously clung to the eagle with its claws and teeth on the chest of the eagle.

The eagle would not let go. It’s tenacity and perseverance led to its demise.

The moral of the story is that even though perseverance is one of the most important attributes of an entrepreneur, you must sometime’s let go.

Sometimes you must give up.

Or the weasel will kill you.