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How to spot people without integrity, so you can avoid them

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • November 5, 2014

1/13 Warren Buffett says you should back people with integrity, energy & intelligence. Without integrity, the others are irrelevant.

2/13 Watch for people with integrity. Latch onto them. Life is too short to spend time with people without integrity.

3/13 Its hard finding people with integrity, they’re not self-promoters by nature. The best way is process of elimination. Look for crooks.

4/13 Crooks are called crooks because they’re crooked. “Crooked” refers to the fact that their actions, thoughts & emotions are not aligned.

5/13 Sometimes you have a gut feeling that someone is not “right”. There seems to be a misalignment. Listen to your gut.

6/13 The best crooks have the gift of the gab. They are so good at mimicry that they can persuade almost anyone of their brilliance.

7/13 Crooks rise to the top of corporations & then flame-out spectacularly because they’re finally exposed. There’s no one left to mimic.

8/13 Crooks are not willing to stand behind their opinions and are always hedging their bets.

9/13 Crooks make public spectacles of disagreements (ie: cc’ing all instead of engaging in one-on-one correspondence).

10/13 Crooks mimic and kiss the ass of the most powerful person in the room.

11/13 Crooks are not consistent. Consistently friendly or consistently unfriendly are fine. Inconsistency is not fine.

12/13 Crooks don’t send emails. If you don’t like having things in writing you’re either incompetent or dodgy.

13/13 Crooks love one-on-one meetings but avoid group meetings. They’re not telling everyone the same story.

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