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How to eat like a Hero

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • October 17, 2014

(advice from my wife on eating healthily)


Heroes know they need to function at maximum capacity, they don’t have time to be sick and they cannot afford to suffer from mid-afternoon fatigue.


Eating like a hero is like a game where you earn supernatural powers for gobbling nutrients. Nutrients lurk in fresh fruit and vegetables, and come in colours. Crinkle wrappers and anything with icing deplete your superpowers.


Heroes use their common sense to make good decisions and score points. Here are five guidelines to the superpower jackpot:


Back to basics


Eat real food

If your grandmother won’t recognize it, its not real food.

Fresh vegetables = 1 000 000 points

Fresh fruit = 200 000 points

Fish, nuts, meat and grains = 200 000 points

Green, raw and organic to double your points.


Real food has had the least “done” to it.

So using carrots as an example, the most unadultered and therefore the highest in nutrients are raw carrots; juiced carrots, cooked carrots, puffed carrot sticks, and then finally carrot flavoured juice (which in fact, might contain no carrots at all, but only flavouring that resembles it).



Every cup = 500 000 points


The purest water is spring water. Drink pure water, and lots of it. Include it in your daily ritual so you don’t forget. If you get bored, add a slice of lemon or buy sparkling spring water.

Your energy levels will notice a difference and so will your wallet, as you’ll no longer be buying fizzy drinks or feeling hunger pains.

Brain food


Who doesn’t want to be super smart?

Our brains are made of fat, so you use lots of it to think like a hero. Yes, fat! Repeat after me: Sugar makes you fat. Fat does not make you fat.


Coconut oil for cooking = 800 000 points

Olive oil poured liberally over salad and food = 500 000 points

Oily fish, avos, nuts, goats cheese, nut butters, organic full fat milk, cream, cheese and butter = 200 000 points each


PS in case you missed it “low fat” or “fat free” are so yesterday. Go full cream or go home.


Heroes in the grocery story


Zoot along the outskirts for more points.
Fresh fruit and vegetable area = 1 000 000 points

Milk and cheese lane, meat lane = 500 000 points.

Check out.

Do not go into the middle section, no points there.

Ingredient list with more than five ingredients = zero

Unrecognizable ingredients = preservatives = negative points!

Supplements and lifestyle


Exercise and sleep = 1 000 000 points

Vitamin C = 100 000 points

Its best absorbed with Vitamin D, so take a quick walk outside in the sun and while you’re at it, take a huge gulp of fresh oxygen to double your points


Chia seeds = 1 000 000 points

Powders Superfood = 500 000


Buy the in-season offerings and get creative. Choose food closest to it’s original, recognizable state.

It’s also cheaper to buy and make real food from scratch than to buy it ready-made food.

So now you know, and you can’t say no one told you.