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Entrepreneurship is a philosophy

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • May 1, 2016

entrepreneur phioshopy


Being an entrepreneur is not a career. Its a belief system. It’s a way of thinking. Its a way of living.


Deciding to be an entrepreneur is like deciding to join the church.


You have to change your thought patterns, your daily habits, your worldview.


Your bibles are the stories of other entrepreneurs. Your priests are fellow entrepreneurs.


You sign up for a new set of commandments:


The Golden Rules


  1. Focus
  2. Be frugal
  3. Under promise


The Silver Rules


  1. Be yourself
  2. Be anti-fragile
  3. Get up early
  4. Keep moving
  5. Be paranoid
  6. Be humble
  7. Be tough


The Holy Trinity


  1. Take responsibility
  2. Tell the truth
  3. Don’t panic


Entrepreneurship is lonely, and painful, and hard work. Its a struggle.


Being an entrepreneur is about making money, but making money is not easy.


Most entrepreneurs fail. All entrepreneurs struggle. You must find a way to enjoy the struggle.


The way to enjoy it is to chase your passion.


You only have one life. No amount of money in the world can make you rewind and relive it. Money comes second to enjoying what you do. Chase your passion.


Also, look after your family, live in the right town, and spend time with people that give you energy.


The path of an entrepreneur leads to freedom. The freedom to spend time with whoever you want, to go wherever you want, to do whatever you want.


It’s the path to a long happy life.


It’s worth it.