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Entrepreneurs spend their cash

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • April 4, 2016

entrepreneur spend


Some people make money so they can squirrel it away in the bank or pile it in the bath. They take pride in size of their bank balance, they love to bathe in R100 notes.


These people are not entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs make money to spend money. What’s the point of having cash if you can’t live the good life?


Living a frugal life doesn’t mean not having a good life.


Buying a Ferrari (unless you’re a true car lover) is a waste of money, but taking your family on a round-the-world-trip is a priceless memory.


Flying business class from CT to Jhb is a waste of money, but flying economy class from Jhb to NYC is martyrdom.


Drinking Ricoffy makes you anti-fragile, but there’s a deep pleasure in enjoying a well-made cappuccino.


Money is not there to flash about, to show off, to make people jealous.


Money is there to provide a comfortable home, a decent education, and a lifetime of memories.


Dying with a pile of cash in the bank is not success, per se.


Make sure you reach your magic number.


The rest: give away.