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Entrepreneurs should marry young so they can divorce young

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • September 4, 2015

1 just married


I’ve written before that, after building your network, getting married is the most important thing for an entrepreneur to do.


Assuming you agree with that, the next tip is to get married young. How young? Before you’re 30 is cool, before you’re 27 if you’re brave, before you’re 25 if you like rolling the dice.


Why? There are plenty good reasons to get married young.


But the most important reason is so that you have time to backtrack.


Anyone who is married knows this to be true: You only know what you’ve married when you’re married.


No amount of dating and preparation and research can reveal your partner’s true character, or more importantly, how your personailities will blend to form a relationship to stand the test of time.


As with a business idea, the only way you can ever know for sure whether he’s the right one is to commit to him.


I’m not saying marriage should be taken lightly. I’m just saying sometimes people make mistakes and need to backtrack.


I was incredibly lucky to meet a girl with just the right overlap of values and opposites of personality, and so our marriage is strong.


Not everyone is that lucky. There’s no shame in putting up your hand and saying you made a mistake, and starting over again.


Better divorced at 30 than at 40. Starting again is a lot less painful whilst you’re young.