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Entrepreneurs read The Obstacle is the Way

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • March 29, 2016

entrepreneur obstacle


There are some books that every entrepreneur should read. The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Zero to One. Anti-Fragile.


And “The Obstacle is the Way”. Ryan Holliday’s book is a super-entertaining introduction to Stoicism, filled with a plethora of mental tools for dealing with adversity and setbacks.


In other words, it’s a perfect manual for entrepreneurs.


What else is the life of an entrepreneur if not dealing with adversity and obstacles? Taking risks means sometimes things won’t go your way.


That’s where your mindset is the difference between survival and failure.


Some tips for the right mindset:


  • Accept that shit happens. Keep trying your best.
  • You get what you want by letting it go.
  • This is it. Game is on now.
  • Things are what they are.
  • No one will save you.
  • The only hero is you.
  • This too shall pass.


Ryan’s book will help you get your head right. If you’re trying to get ahead in your life, personally or professionally, you need to find the way past obstacles.


This book will show you how to turn the obstacle into the way.