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Entrepreneurs live in the right town

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • January 23, 2016


entrepreneur village


If you’re serious about getting rich you need to go where the money is.


The money is in Joburg. Thats why you need to live in Joburg.


But times, they are a’changin.


Thanks to cheap flights and fast broadband its no longer necessary to live where the money is.


You can commute, physically and virtually.


With that in mind, it’s actually better to not live in Joburg.


Remember when you were a kid and your mom took you to the candy store? Its hard to concentrate when there are sweets everywhere.


Living in a city like Joburg is like being a kid in a candy store.


Too many temptations. Too many opportunities. Too many things to spend money on. Its hard not to keep up with the Jones’s.


Its hard to be frugal. Its hard to focus.


It makes sense to live where the money is, but its more important that you live where you are able to focus.


Geography also determines the type of people you meet, which in turn determines whether you meet the right future husband/wife, and whether you befriend the type of people that don’t need a fancy car to impress, and whether you find partners you can trust.


Location location location.


If you find yourself living in the wrong place, don’t panic. You can move towns.


When you find the right place, stop moving.