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Entrepreneurs listen to Destiny

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • February 18, 2016

Fork in the Road


An entrepreneur controls his own life. He refuses to accept the world the way it is, or to accept the path others have laid for him if it doesn’t feel right.


But. He also accepts that sometimes the path he has chosen is wrong.


There is another path for him, and there are signals every day telling him to change course.


For example:


An acquaintance of mine recently started a business selling adult-content firewalls. Her original business plan said that the primary customer would be telcos, so she’s been chasing them for months.


In the meantime, she signed up a school to install her product on their internal WiFi router. The sale took one hour, and they paid R110,000 the next day, upfront for the entire year.


That is Destiny speaking. She thinks the telco path is right. Do one big deal and get millions.


But her success is coming from going direct to a school. Do lots of little deals and get millions.


Listen to Destiny! Forget your original business plan. Go where you’re getting traction.


Don’t let ego or business plans or “logic” get in the way of your success.


Pay attention to the signs all around you, and change course accordingly.


Sometimes you choose the wrong path. That’s cool, just backtrack and go down the right one.


Listen to Destiny.