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Entrepreneurs can spot crooks

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • May 9, 2016

entrepreneur crook


Warren Buffett says you should back people with integrity, energy & intelligence. Without integrity, the others are irrelevant.


Watch for people with integrity. Latch onto them. Life is too short to spend time with people without integrity.


Its hard finding people with integrity, they’re not self-promoters by nature. The best way is process of elimination.


Look for crooks.


Crooks are called crooks because they’re crooked. “Crooked” refers to the fact that their actions, thoughts & emotions are not aligned.


Sometimes you have a gut feeling that someone is not “right”. There seems to be a misalignment. Listen to your gut.


The best crooks have the gift of the gab. They are so good at mimicry that they can persuade almost anyone of their brilliance.


Crooks rise to the top of corporations & then flame-out spectacularly because they’re finally exposed. There’s no one left to mimic.


Crooks are not willing to stand behind their opinions and are always hedging their bets.


Crooks make public spectacles of disagreements (ie: cc’ing all instead of engaging in one-on-one correspondence).


Crooks mimic and kiss the ass of the most powerful person in the room but won’t give the time of day to the tea-lady.


Crooks are not consistent. Consistently friendly or consistently unfriendly are fine. Inconsistency is not fine.


Crooks don’t send emails. If you don’t like having things in writing you’re either incompetent or dodgy.


Crooks love one-on-one meetings but avoid group meetings. They’re not telling everyone the same story.


Stay clear of crooks.

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