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Entrepreneurs are unemployable

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • December 19, 2016



An entrepreneur finds problems that people are willing to pay for her to solve.


Problem solving is not fun or easy or nice. It requires hard work and concentration and pain.


Most of the time, the only reason people are willing to do what it takes to be an entrepreneur is that they can’t get a job. If you are eminently employable, you will be employed. The path of a startup entails too much hassle.


The good news for us unemployable folk is that whilst the road won’t be littered with roses, at least we won’t be hooked to the most dangerous addiction in the world: A salary.


Becoming addicted to a monthly pay cheque will lead you down a road that makes you a docile, defenseless, plump sheep. There’s nothing wrong with being a sheep, provided you have a nice safe paddock.


You don’t want to be 55 and suddenly kicked out of the paddock, losing the intravenous-drip-that-is-your-salary, and left to fight it out on your own in the wild.


Be grateful you’re unemployable.


Get into the game of looking after yourself.


You may not find a pot of gold in your first decade, but you’ll learn a treasure of skills that will stand you in good stead.