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Entrepreneurs are loyal

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • June 18, 2016

entrepreneurs loyal


Loyalty. A simple word.


What is loyalty? It is having your partner’s back. Always.


It is going into battle knowing that the man on your right and the man on your left are with you. You can move forward without fear of being stabbed from behind.


How do you earn loyalty?


Not through talking. Words are wind. Action is what counts.


Who would you call if your wife was in a car accident and you are out of the country? I bet it’s not the person you speak to most during the day.


Loyalty is important not in its everyday presence. It is important in its absence. That one dark day when your back is against the wall and you need a friend.


In business, loyalty is the key. Especially between the boss-man and the staff. If the boss can’t be trusted, the workers will not look out for him. And vice-versa.


If life were a walk in a rose garden, loyalty would not be an issue.


“Every man for himself” is a winning motto when things are easy.

Life is not a rose garden.


It’s a war. A war for recognition. A war for success. A war for survival.


And when you’re at war, loyalty is the most important thing there is.


Without it you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of a big green field with ten thousand bullets and missiles and drones racing at you.


And you’ll be alone.


There will be a day when you wake up to find the world is out to get you. That is the day when you will need help.


You can’t expect anyone to be there for you if you haven’t been loyal to them.


Entrepreneurs are loyal.