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Entrepreneurs are grateful for their enemies

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • March 20, 2016

entrepreneur enemy


It can be upsetting to find out someone doesn’t like you. Being badmouthed behind your back is kak.


Life and business is hard enough without someone going out their way to stop you.


But that’s life. Being an entrepreneur means making enemies. Dealing with them is part of the game.


No one said business was easy. Its rough and tumble, so suck it up.


Look on the bright side. Having an enemy gives you someone to prove wrong. It can motivate you and benchmark you.


Having an enemy can validate you. When someone disses you, the listener hears the diss, but also hears your name and thinks, “I wonder why this guy is going to so much trouble to diss this other guy.”


Be grateful for your enemies.