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Don’t squeeze your partners

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • December 15, 2016



There are times where you we have leverage. Maybe it’s with a bank. Maybe it’s with a supplier. Maybe it’s with a customer.


You have power, and you can use that power to do a better deal. Its your duty to use your leverage to secure a better deal for you and your shareholders.


Go for it.


Just don’t use that leverage against your own partners.


Partners are family. Squeezing your family is like squeezing yourself. It damages you, and it damages the trust in your business.


You need 100% trust within your venture. Don’t risk damage by exploiting a situation of power imbalance.


How can people trust you if they think you’ll roll them over the moment they show weakness?


They can’t. If people don’t trust you, you won’t find partners.


If you can’t find partners, you’ll fail.


Don’t squeeze partners.