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A letter from entrepreneur to employee

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • July 24, 2013

Dear John,


I think I finally have a small inkling of why you’re choosing to start your own business.


I hear you when you say the corporate beast is killing your soul, but is that enough to take the path less travelled?


Perhaps it is because you know you can be great. I’m sure many people have complimented you over the years, and whilst some of it was smoke being blown up your ass, most of it was sincere and that’s great.


But it doesn’t matter what other people say, it only matters what you believe inside.


That’s the rare part. Many corporate citizens are quite happy to soak up the glory of their position, whilst silently suspecting they’re a fraud.


If you have the voice in your head, you’re different. And that’s why you’re taking this risk.


You know if you don’t try, you’ll be old one day and look back and regret your life, not because you didn’t make a big dent in the world, but because you knew you could! And as I keep reminding you, you’re not getting any younger :-).


Not only do you have the secret voice, you have the twin advantages of a cash buffer (you’re a saver), and a wife that wants you to be happy more than she wants you to be rich (another great piece of judgment).


So it’s beginning to make sense to me why you’re willing to forego such a low-risk high-reward financial future and follow your heart.


The path less traveled has rewarded me in many ways, financially, emotionally and educationally, but the part that has hooked me most of all is the vividness of the journey. I know my “narrative” will never fade and it’s going to captivate my grandkids!


We only have one life, if we’re fortunate enough to be able to chase our dreams, we should.




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