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7 rules for RV’ing in America

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • December 28, 2012

RV rule #1: Be careful where you park. Parking spots are like the mafia. It’s hard getting in; it’s much harder getting out.


RV rule #2: Be sure to firmly secure far end of sewage drainpipe. Trust me, things can go truly pear-shaped if the pipe pops loose.


RV rule #3: Never make eye contact with other drivers. RV life is like Mondeor life. Most encounters are seen as a challenge to duel. “What are you looking at?”


RV rule #4: Respect in the trailer park is correlated to RV size. Ignore the jokes about compensating for size. Get the biggest RV you can. (A special drivers license unnecessary, you pay you drive).


RV rule no #5: Never drive under low hanging power lines. There are things on your roof which you can’t see but which can be expensive to fix.


RV rule #6: Bring slip-slops. You will use a communal shower. Most RV’ers are high probability fungus carriers


RV rule #7: Use maps. Do not use satnav. Garmin and TomTom were introduced to our planet by aliens as a great temptation to induce road rage. Traditional maps also make the trip more memorable.