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3 attributes of fast moving companies

  • By Alan Knott-Craig
  • April 9, 2013

“Information flow is dependent on quality of the connection and the capacity of the sender & receiver.” Professor Cesar Hidalgo, MIT Media Labs


Apparently both the brain of a chimpanzee and the human brain have the same number of cells. However, a human brain has many more connections between the cells. Man’s advantage is attributable to the speed at which his brain moves information around, rather than the size of his brain.


In other words, the greater your ability to connect the dots, the greater your chances of success.


Furthermore, the quality of the connection is inversely proportional to the capacity of the sender & receiver.


So in the absence of perfection on the part of each sender and receiver, emphasis should be placed on designing the highest quality system of interconnection.


A company is made up of many individuals, each of whom is a node. One of the jobs of the boss is to maximize the interconnection of the nodes.


Do not force the nodes to communicate. Ordering people to have meetings does not work.


The secret is:

1. Facilitate frequent interconnections between all nodes.

2. Create a space that keeps existing nodes happy and attracts new nodes.

3. Filter the quality of the new nodes. Bad nodes destroy a system.