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With a track record of groundbreaking ventures from pioneering mobile tech startups to empowering communities with affordable pay-as-you-go fiber, my entrepreneurial journey has disrupted industries and created new ways for people to connect.

Bridging the digital divide through affordable fiber internet

I am a successful entrepreneur, author, and founder of multiple businesses, including fibertime™, a company working to deliver paygo fiber internet to three billion people living in townships across the globe.

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Alan Knott-Craig

Who I am

I’m Alan Knott-Craig, an entrepreneur, author, and founder of fibertime™, on a mission to bridge the digital divide through pay-as-you-go fiber internet.

From Pretoria, I began studying at Nelson Mandela University before qualifying as a CA at Deloitte. My entrepreneurial journey sparked in 2003 when I founded Cellfind, a mobile location pioneer.

As former CEO of iBurst’s massive wireless broadband network and founder of World of Avatar, where I acquired Mxit, Africa’s largest social network, I’ve dedicated my career to connecting people and communities online.

In 2013, I started Project Isizwe, an NGO bringing free public WiFi to townships. By 2014, I had founded HeroTel, which became South Africa’s largest rural broadband provider, before selling it in 2022 to launch fibertime™ and its pay-as-you-go township fiber model.

With over 21 co-founded or funded companies, ten published books like “13 Rules of an Entrepreneur”, and a Top 100 Choiseul Africa leader, my work goes beyond business – facilitating a digitally inclusive future for Africa.



Connecting everyone to the internet through affordable, pay-as-you-go fiber
In November 2022, we launched a proof-of-concept fiber network in Kayamandi township near Stellenbosch. With free installation, no debit orders, and R5 vouchers for 24 hours of 100mbps uncapped internet, it introduced a radical new fiber-to-the-home deployment.

Why? Because townships are perfect for fiber: more people, less space. Our model lowers costs, driving profit and accessibility.

As the Kayamandi Connected network expands to connect nearly every home and shack, our open approach welcomes others to replicate our high-density, profitable township fiber model.

Our mission is simple: fast, affordable fiber for EVERY South African. We’re not in this alone. Let’s build the future together.

Connecting Africa
Connecting Africa

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Pearls of Wisdom

Lessons and philosophies on entrepreneurship

As an author, I have written ten books, including the national bestseller "Don't Panic".

13 Rules for being an Entrepreneur by Alan Knott-Craig

A concise handbook on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, covering key principles like:

– Follow your dreams. Don’t follow your passion.
– Don’t be afraid of fear. Welcome it.
– Make a living and live it at the same time.
– How children help you become a better person.
– The art of selling
– Rules for happiness

Mobinomics: Mxit and Africa's Mobile Revolution

The story of Mxit, Africa’s biggest social network, was born in the townships. A cultural phenomenon with its own economy, infrastructure and traditions that brought people together through the power of mobile connectivity.

Don't Panic!: A Book by South Africans for South Africans

An inspirational book capturing a moment in South African history when Alan’s viral email rallied the nation with a positive mindset during challenging times. A deluge of optimistic perspectives from South Africans finding the silver lining.

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